International Open Hackerspace day 2022/Party

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REUNION of all the communities, that lost touch due to pandemic, wars, ageing, parenting...

BENEFIT for struggling hackerspace and & for refugees (50-50)

DANCING among the electronics & the ruins of urban gentrification


When: Saturday, 26. March 2022

Time: 5PM - 5AM

Where: TechInc, ACTA: Louwesweg 1 (first floor) , Amsterdam

Who: hackers, Hippies From Hell, DAS activists & artists, techno-shamans, NVC, students...

What: chill music, home-brew beer, Club Mate, tea, snacks, ... large front yard... and possibly HOT TUB?!?

BRING: a towel, cash for drinks & for donations, your best post-apocalyptic outfit

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