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Skills coding, UI design, perl
Status Dead
Niche Software
Purpose World domination

Hypatia is a bot that informs the people on IRC and keeps track of certain things like the spacestate,

Hypatia Keeps track

Collecting ideas on what people would think would be neat(tm).

Ideas for interfaces

  • monitor wiki for changes to important pages
  • monitor new wiki user creation.

Current features

  • basic module support (live reloading)
  • generic trigger alias for modules (it's like a symbolic link)
  • polling events
  • core maintenance commands
  •  !time and !echo debug modules
  • framework for asking the SMW database (smwread)
  •  !rule interface
  •  !member(s) & !projects interfaces through the smwread module
  •  !maclookup & !usblookup
  •  !vector (vector math calculations)
  •  !event(s) list events, see what the next/last one is.


  • Implement persistent module support for monitoring
  •  !rtfm/!help
  • put next event in topic
  • ...


  • remove wikilink syntax in rules


put ~~~~ after your edit to display nick+date
  • Autoop on nick or host (maybe registered users?) - Dreamer
  • Crawl the statutes and have !stat(utes) cmd. - Dreamer 21:23, 20 June 2012 (CEST)