Hackerspaces Tour:RIPE71

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Hackerspaces Tour:RIPE71
Date 2015/11/13
Location Hatch, Bucharest
Type Meeting
Contact User:Becha

This is part of Hackerspaces_tour#During_RIPE_Meetings, and extracurricular RIPE71 activity.

Part 1:

Pre-hackathon visit to one of the local hackerspaces: http://www.hatchatelier.ro

Part 2:

On the Wednesday evening select RIPE71 participants will be visiting Hatch, a hackerspace in Bucharest


Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 14.34.02.png


  • Address: 5 Intr. Mihai Eminescu, Bucharest, Romania


Friday the 13th, 8PM


Wednesday, 18 November 2015

  • leaving hotel 18:00
  • dinner at 18:30
  • hackerspace at 20:30.

DINNER IS - PRIOR RESERVATION! 10 PLACES ONLY!! see bellow; if your name is on the list, fine :) if not, please make other dinner plans.

RIPE71 attendees:

  • One group will leave at 18:00 -- let's meet near the registration desk. We'll take taxies.
  • Some people will go AFTER the "General Meeting" of RIPE NCC members.


  • Becha -- organiser -- Email becha @ xs4all.nl for more info / "registration"; or follow @Ms_Multicolor
  • George -- local contact: georgemarusteru@yahoo.com

(maybe @randy42bush @pawal @meileaben @lesliegeek @mahtin @JanZorz @Dj_PorCus @phessler @kistel @CDA // @dorkmatt @bronwyn @farzanehbadii )

How to get there

  • Walking
  • Taxi


  • Behind the green gate, go left, find the only large building
  • After the main door, turn left & go DOWN the stairs!

What about f00d?

  • Some of us will eat at Beca's Kitchen, at 18:30


It's on the *corner* of the hackerspace street with the first larger street: Strada Mihai Eminescu 80,

Dinner People

  • Becha
  • Pawel
  • JP
  • Randy
  • Emile
  • W.
  • F.
  • Willem



  • GGM
  • Piotr
  • BEnno