Hackerspaces Tour:RIPE70

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Hackerspaces Tour:RIPE70
Date 2015/05/13
Location (h)ACTA
Type Meeting
Contact User:Becha

On the Wednesday evening select RIPE70 participants will be visiting TechInc, a hackerspace in Amsterdam

Since on Wednesdays is also TechInc weekly Social:2015-05-13 Evening, there will be a nice crowd there, to chat with, to show you the 'space, to drink Club Mate with...

This is part of Hackerspaces_tour#During_RIPE_Meetings, and extracurricular RIPE70 activity.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 16.48.42.png



  • Address: Louwesweg 1 (1066 EA), in the (former) (h)ACTA building. (52.34557 4.82578)
  • ACTA#How_to_Get_Here


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

RIPE70 attendees:

  • One group will leave at 18:00 -- let's meet near the registration desk.
  • Some people will go AFTER the "General Meeting" of RIPE NCC members.

The hackerspace is open until at least 11PM, probably midnight.

How to get there

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Public transport


You need to "phone the listed number" at the door, and someone will come down to open the door for you!

What about f00d?

There's a restaurant in (h)ACTA building called RADION: http://radionamsterdam.nl

(RADION is also a club and a cafe, if you feel like partying afterwords...)

Or we can order something, pizza is traditional hackers food, as is shared Indian meal...


  • Becha
  • Will
  • Francisca
  • @JanZorz @mahtin @CDA @zoftie @no_valid_id @Dj_PorCus @ChrisGrundemann
  • ...
  • you :)

Email becha @ xs4all.nl for more info / "registration"; or follow @Ms_Multicolor