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From Arduino to Platform IO and ESP
Date 2021/10/17
Time 12:00 - 20:00
Location Technologia Incognita (Louwesweg 1)
Type Workshop
Contact Justa

17 oct:

Start :

       12:00 - Moving from ARDUINO IDE to PlatformIO
       15:15 - Using ESP8266/ESP32 as an Arduino (and more)
       18:30 - Order dinner . The rest of the evening can be used to play around, socialize or ask further questions.
       22:00 - Instructor-bed-time


As promised during the 17th of Oct, the slides of the event:


Arduino-projects: Moving from ARduino IDE to PlatformIO

3 Hour workshop, starting 12:00 17-oct 2021, @techinc

  • Attendance free; donations welcome
  • Bring your own project/code/arduino AND laptop
  • We have 'loan' arduino's available
  • A box of sensors/boards/modules will be available


Arduino-projects: Using ESP8266/ESP32 as an Arduino (and more)

3 hour workshop, starting 15:15 17-oct 2021 @ techinc

  • Attendance free; donations welcome
  • Bring your own ESP8266/ESP32
  • Loan ESP's will be available.

Two workshops, given back to back on the 17th of Oct aimed to help people get a headstart moving their Arduino-projects to the next level.


The first workshop is aimed at helping people understand just what 'Arduino' is and how the Arduino software that you run on your PC has better alternatives available that bring a lot of advantages with it.

Specifically , the PlatformIO ecosystem will be explored. You will learn:

  • How to install PlatformIO
  • How to install VScode/Codium with the PlatformIO extensions
  • How to manage projects in PlatformIO
  • How to manage multiple (types) of boards
  • How to manage library dependencies in a better way
  • How to use PlatformIO without an IDE (make-file style)

This workshop is available to anyone; prior arduino knowledge is greatly advised.

The second workshop has the focus entirely on ESP8266/ESP32's as a replacement for the usual ATMEL processors used in various 'classic' arduino boards.

This workshop will touch:

  • A little history of the Espressif chips and available boards
  • The Arduino framework available for these boards
  • The features available on these boards
  • The peripherals available on these boards
  • as a basis/replacement for 'simple' projects

This workshop is available to anyone. Having some experience with (a) esp board is useful. There will be room to zoom in on specific things people are interested in and do a little live-coding. We WILL use PlatformIO for the second workshop and we will take a little time to introduce the EsphomeIO framework (built on PlatformIO as a basis).

After the workshops

Around 18:30 I expect we'll want to have pizza's ordered, etc.

The rest of the evening can be used to socialize as well as play around with some more of the things discussed in the workshops.