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Date 2015/07/25
Location TechInc
Type Party
Contact User:Bigmac

We will be cooking an Indonesian dinner, as a workshop, for all to enjoy. Please sign up if you want to join or just eat. The purpose of this Workshop & Dinner is to raise money for the Food Hacking Base presence at CCC camp 2015, so be generous and cover more than ingredient cost if possible.

Preparations will start around 3pm, food expected around 7pm. Please sign up before Saturday noon so we can do the proper shopping and planning.

Shoppinglist: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xk2-WAGjDHu-9bbFFKqAg5riGR24-73CQpGAz49K3tI/edit?usp=sharing


  • sate kambing or sate domba (goat or lamb satay)
  • nasi goreng (fried rice)
  • ikan bali (spicy mackerel)
  • acar (pickled vegetables)
  • gado gado (vegetables with peanut sauce)
  • tempeh goreng (fried tempeh = vegetarian)
  • martabak terang bulan (thick sweet chocolate-filled pancake)
  • tjendol (coconut drink)
  • kopi tubruk (coffee)
  • ... (more added with more signups)

Who is coming?

  • Bigmac +1 -- organizing
  • Narya +1 -- helping cook/organize
  • webmind +2 -- helping cook
  • Stef -- I probably have time to help cook
  • BecHa -- just eating & paying to support fHb (but not eating much because diet :( )
  • JUSTeAting -- see what I did there? ;-) <= YES (you spelled your name wrong, I think)
  • Daan + Sproet
  • cmpxchg