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As has been hilighted on the mailing list, there are aspects of safety equipment within the space that are not being maintained, or are out of date, or the guardian that was looking after them has left the association. With this in mind I would like to suggest that we create a Health and Safety committee. The purposes of the committee would be:

  1. To maintain the safety equipment within the space to at least the legal minimum. This should include, but is not limited to:

- Fire Extinguishers - First Aid kit - Exit signs - Safety signage - Protective Eyewear.

  1. Encoourage members to behave in a safe manor within the space, where necessary modifying the space to reduce dangerous behaviour.

The composition of the H&S Committee should be:

  1. At least one board member. This person will be elected by the board to sit on the committee. In the event the board does not do this, the board Voorsitter will default to this role
  2. Two or more ordinary members of the organisation. These can also be members of the board.

Non board members of the H&S Committee should be elected to by the ALV, and serve for a term of 2 years. In the event that the committee drops below the minimum number as stated above, the board may coopt willing volunteers to the H&S Committee.

The H&S committee shall have an operating budget, this shall be put together by the H&S Committee, and submitted to the board for inclusion in the annual budget. Should there be insufficient funds available for this, the H&S committee is encourage to seek finding direct from the membership via pledges and donations. In the event that the budget turns out to be insufficient during the year, the H&S committee shall petition the board for the funds necessary to fullfil it's role. If there is not sufficient funds available within the association's finances, then the H&S committee is encouraged to seek finding from within the members through pledges or donations.

Votable point: Approve creation of the H&S Committee as outlined: YES/NO.

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The above text is a first draft brain dump, it may have a few things I've overlooked, or poor wording, members are encouraged to suggest modifications, improvements, etc... Let me know what you think.