Discussion night creative/smart city

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Discussion night creative/smart city
Date 2017/05/30
Time 20:00
Location TechInc
Type Lecture
Contact Soktwee, Casco

What’s the reason that TechInc is located at the ACTA nowadays? Probably this is directly related to the Amsterdam ‘broedplaatsen’ policy. However, the question is what the consequences are for the association itself. We (Casco & Soktwee) both write about ambiguous concepts like the creative and smart city trying to figure out what they really mean, and more importantly, for whom does it mean something. It can be very interesting, and valuable to have a discussion about how TechInc relates to bigger policy frameworks imposed by the municipality of Amsterdam. Let us please emphasize that we are in no way connected to the municipality or whatsoever and that we want to lead this discussion from an independent academic position as sociologists (and now also hacker enthusiasts). Several topics of discussion could be:

  • incubator (broedplaats) policy
  • smart city policy
  • use of data (and governance)
  • open source (and its possible flaws)
  • public/private partnerships & investments in (tech)start ups
  • hackerspaces/hacklabs and their value for the city/local government
  • incubators (broedplaatsen) value for hackerspaces/hacklabs
  • civic responsibilities

Everyone is welcome and invited to join us in this discussion! We are looking forward to hearing everyone's opinions and knowledge. Feel free to come up with suggestions for extra topics, we want to keep it as open as possible.

We have it scheduled at 30th of May for now, but if people prefer during the social or June 1st, this is all debatable. Please edit in your name if you're interested in joining:

  • Casco
  • Soktwee
  • Katje
  • Stef
  • webmind
  • You?