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Skills soldering, Programming, PCB Design
Status Dead
Niche Electronics
Purpose Fun

Working on a nice blinky-light LED project for OHM.

Have a nice 'KITT-like' LED chaser on the front of my bike-rack + RGB led in headlight.


  • Digispark
  • PCA9685 (smd, soldered to breakout)
  • 16 bright LEDs (probably white) + suitable resistors
  • 1 RGB_LED
  • Power (probably a couple 3.7V 700mAh Li-Ion Nokia batteries)
  • Empty bike-light for Digispark+Batteries+RGB-LED
  • Some sort of enclosure
  • velcro for easy (dis)mounting on/from rack
  • ...


  • solder smd PCA9685 to breakout
  • try Adafruit-library on arduino
  • ported said library to TinyWireM. Now runs on Digispark.
  • made preliminary mashup-code for pwm-IC and onboard soft-pwm (soft-pwm now blinks ferosciously, have to debug).
  • ...


  • design power-system
  • make power-button
  • find suitable enclosure for LEDs and breakout
  • ...

Other ideas

  • Speed variation using hall-effect sensor for rpm-detection
  • Other animations
  • ...