Contrast Meetup

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Contrast Meetup
Date 2017/11/24
Time 19.00
Location Techinc
Type Social
Contact Maikel van Leeuwen

Last Friday, 3 November 2017, we had a nice mix of people that are interested in the political dimensions of technology. Some of us looking at it by from an angle of law, sociology, journalism, technical, practical and all sorts. This meeting was mainly talking about projects but in the future we want to combine good discussions with actual working on or starting projects.

In the meeting we realized it would be nice to have a meetup at hackerspace Techinc (, Louwesweg 1 Amsterdam) the 24th of November from 19.00. Here we will present,work and talk about the projects we are busy with. This is because many of our projects have overlapping and sometimes it will be nice to get some feedback from other people.

So you're more then welcome and we hope you'll drop by to have some fun.Feel free to bring some beers. Other non alcoholic drinks will be available at the hacker space. Be aware that Techinc is a open hacker space, so anyone involved in the hackerspace can join and participate if he/she pleases.