CCC Camp2019

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CCC Camp2019
Date 2019/08/21
Location Mildenberg, Germany
Type Camp
Contact contact

CCC Camp 2019

Chaos Communication Camp will take place in Mildenberg from 21st until 25th of August.


Who's going

  • Justa + Alisa
  • Becha + Charlie
  • Muse
  • Bakboter
  • webmind
  • cmpxchg


NoBo Hub

The NoBo Hub is a mini family village with a focus on making media, practicing community care and teaching non-violent communication. NoBo is short for Non-Boreal, as in anti-fascist, inspired by/responding to the use of the term boreal in extreme right parties in France and the Netherlands. There will be the NoBo Gazette (a daily zine) and a TV Show. We hope to also build a sweatlodge in JustaDome. We have people of various generations in the village and are also interested in: good food, the company of friends (including birds, fishes, grasses, trees), massage exchanges, yoga, dancing, hoolahoops, nature walks, food foraging, and more.


Tags: Anticapitalist communication media TV zine culturefamily


Village: tcnxmnsm:Techno_Shamanism


Technoshamanism is an international network who works in the interfields between technology and subjectivity (technoshamanism - social clinic for the future).

Our node within this movement comes from Brazil. We organize international festivals, events, meetings, workshops and residences. We work with some indigenous communities in Brazil as PataxĂłs, and now recently with Xavantes and Guarani who has representants inside of our association. We try to connect ancestral knowledge with scifi culture trying to bring up ideas as autonomy, sustainability, internet and intranet, free cosmologies, memory, speculative fiction, futurist actions, dreams communities, network of unconscious, etc.



Tags: community festival indigenous communities nature technoshamanism Uncivilization

interesting for Becha

  • "exploring the reciprocal relation between physical practice and technology. "

  • eco hackers farm

  • Bits & Bume - CCC Sustainability (c3sus); Hackers For Future/Hackers Against

Climate Change (hacc); Reuse, Repair, Recycle, Rethink, Redesign (R5)

Wants tickets / Vouchers?

note: add your name here to get added to the ticket/voucher queue. If you currently have a voucher, please indicate the current status of the voucher (has voucher, paid, payment received, replicated/given to X)

  • Muse (currently has voucher, payment received, replicated)
  • Justa (currently has two vouchers?) Done and paid for
  • Bakboter (?) (getting them via another route, he said)
  • s0s
  • Aulum
  • Aceta
  • Maijin
  • You?


  • Josephine (5x) (non-member via Becha)
  • Donar Alofs (2x) (non-member via Justa)
  • Riichard
  • Turiphro (prev member)
  • Ashley (non-member via Maijin)

Tickets and Vouchers info

Camp is different from Congress, in many regards: We plan to only sell tickets via vouchers. If we do not sell out this way, there might be an additional open sale of remaining tickets. There won't be any angel vouchers either, just the replicating vouchers for groups from the chaos ecosystem ? such as yourselves. For updates, keep an eye on

As such a group or their contact person (techinc), you are hereby receiving a list of voucher codes which can be redeemed at starting today. The vouchers are valid until no more tickets are left.

ATTENTION! Vouchers are not only good for regular tickets, you can also use them to request a Friends ticket. Since Camp tickets are significantly more expensive than Congress tickets, we ask you to inform your friends about this option to receive a ticket at a reduced price. At the same time, the camp will be a financially very tight event and we ask you to encourage your friends to buy more expensive tickets if they can afford it.