CCC 2015

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CCC 2015
Date 2015/08/13
Location Germany
Type Camp

CCC is already in two weeks, i am curious who else is going.

We can also use this page if we want to coordinate on getting there/setting up our tents together/organizing dinner/workshops/etc.

People going to CCC:

- Stef
- Ultratux
- Bigmac
- Chris
- phicoh
- User:Becha + Alisa & Charlie
- Justa (+Alisa & Charlie too) 
- (Becha: I also heard that Webmind & Jaromil & Matronix will be there...) 
- Wouter (he's bringing ultratux' printer)
- Rumor has it people like madeddie, the_jinx, realitygaps go too.
- You?

Things to organize:

- Ultratux brings 3D printer + 3D cube + shirtgears
- Ultratux brings some TI T-shirts for sale
- Bigmac will be working and camping at the FoodHackingBase 
- Please add suggestions!

Where to set up:

- Ultratux likely sets up printer and tent at Idiopolis.
- The FoodHackingBase has a rather small area but next to family village where some of us will be camping with their family
- Becha & Justa ++ are staying in Family Village ; event: 
- Please add suggestions!

How to travel:

- Bigmac going with a very full car and trailer
- Together! If you are driving consider taking some passengers and save some fuel and so the environment, 
  plus it will be social.. Maybe if there's a group of people and no driver(s) with car(s), 
  we can rent one and share the cost.
- Becha & Justa are traveling by car; Justa is carrying some space-things