Budget 2021/Revision 20210626

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Based upon the financial situation, the board would like to share a revision on the budget approved during the ALV December 2020.

In the original proposal (in parentheses), it was not anticipated that costs for housing and banking would rise.

On the other hand, of the discretionary budget, so far only E 15 has been used.

Other costs are things like a new lock (twice), and unaccounted expenses.

The prognosis on income from membership is much lower (E 2550) compared to the original budget, this is based upon the received contribution so far, and the anticipated contribution still to be received from our current members.

The board thinks the result of E -1850 is much more realistic at the end of this year, compared to the E -210 in the original proposal.

Rent            19500	(19200)
Service costs     100      -
Hosting	          160     (250)
Domains	           50      (50)
Bank              390     (310)
Discretionary     350     (600)
Insurance         100     (100)
Other costs       200      -
                =====+  =======+
                20850   (21510)
Membership      17250   (19800)
Drinks           1500    (1500)
Donations         250      -
                =====+  =======+
                19000   (21300)

Result          -1850    (-210)