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Skills Electronics, UI Design
Status Dead
Niche Electronics
Purpose Infrastructure


With every meeting they had with renters of the building the goals/requirements of the project has shifted. Stuff had already been ordered, prototype tested.. etc..

The goal now is to create something that will satisfy OUR needs and then see if there'll be any other people in the building who wouldn't mind joining it.

We have been asked to make a 'bellenbord' (doorbell-system) for the main entrance of our wing of the building.

We should probably take a KISS approach to this: frame with list of all groups housed in our wing with buttons. Possibly back-lit (LED project!).

However it would be nice if we can make it a bit geeky/fancy/original. Maybe ask the other groups how they would like it to work or look like.


  • Buttons
  • Name-tags
  • LEDS
  • Wiring (within the box, but maybe to all the rooms in the wing? or wireless?)
  • Frame and Front Panel (wood? metal? plastic?)
  • Power source

Further Ideas

  • Instead of a basic board of buttons we could have an lcd-display with scrollwheel