Board game evening: 2017-12-02

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Board game evening: 2017-12-02
Date 2017/12/02
Time 19:00
Location Techinc
Type Social
Contact gorgabal

Hey There,

I like board games, do you like board games?

If yes: come join the board game evening!

2 December 2017, official start 19:00, feel free to drop in whenever you like.

BYOB: Bring Your Own Boardgames!


If you plan to come, please add yourself to the list.

  • gorgabal (Brings Go with him)
  • john_henry (can bring any of list below on request)[1] (gorgabal: could you bring Carcassonne, + a game of your own choice?)
  • tatiana
  • Bakboter

[1] Fluxx, Saboteur, Puerto Rico, Forbidden Island, Oregon Trail, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, Worst Case Scenario