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Board meeting 2019-08-28


  • bakboter
  • bigmac
  • katje
  • drwhax

Note taker: DrWhax

Dirty room battery powered drills

Some people want to buy a nice new battery powered drill and throw away some old shit equipment.

A nice new kit from Makita. The shelf life is about 6 months, as people can't work with power equipment properly..

Do we buy cheap stuff, that won't last, and replace it to 6-months to a year, or buy Makita that should last longer, but might be destroyed.

Katje: rather not buy the NiMh. Doesn't have the energy density.

If it's Makita, we can still more easily buy batteries for it. compared to the cheaper stuff..

No decision could be reached on this matter for now.. has a 25% discount..

Bank account

We need to go to the bank to handover some signed documents they finally provided us as they finally called us back.


DrWhax has to pass by the KVK....