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  • Katje
  • Phicoh
  • DrWhax


This is in progress but has been difficult because of people using different nicknames and bank accounts and not telling us what changed in their identity crisis.

Action point: DrWhax

- ALV meeting in March

Tuesday the 19th of March has been proposed after some deliberation by the board.

- Knoxbox

40 euro drill bit will be either bought that will end up in the end for the space or another way.

Ultratux is going to let us use a spare cylinder for now so we can actually test the knoxbox and buy a proper cylinder after.

- Drinks situation

We're stop arranging this as a board.

Drinks are not being properly paid for, we've been losing money on this for a long time. We decided we don't want to take this on anymore. leave it to the members, if they step up, to keep arranging this.

Draft e-mail to the members list about this: katje

- Member boxes

We should chase this agenda point and get this done..

Next to that, there will be an Ikea raid by Katje. Katje will buy some transparant boxes to store some cables in. That will be used for the giant cable shelf monster..

Next to that, we'll plan to buy some shelves, but let's bikeshed over that at the mailinglist with the members.

An idea: Omar from ikea?

- Approving ALV notes....

DrWhax will look through it.

- Changing board roles

DrWhax will drop off Katje's signed paper to the KVK in the next couple of days. Wizzup will need to sort himself out when he's back from traveling.