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Board Meeting


* Reminder mails June
* Reminder mails July
* Financial report(s)
* Decision making outside of board meetings
* Status of smell in the space
* Status of window pledge
* Trac for board
* Loan
* Film crew?

Reminder mails for June

No progress was made:

* Justa will make an export for after 8th of June

Reminder mails for July

The bank import needs to be done.

* Justa will add tasks regarding this to trac.

Financial reports

We won't do them "with terugwerkende kracht".

* Justa will remail remailed financial report to Wizzup
* Wizzup will work on automating more of this:

  - Change in YMP (tool to get YMP)
  - Change in member payments
  - Total amount of membership fees

* We will create a simple report right now?

  * How much is in the bank
  * How much is membership payments
  * Sum of YMP

  Friday 10th July 1900: Justa, Phicoh, Realitygaps, Wizzup

* Wizzup will add 'work-until-date-x' to TInance

Decision making outside of board meeting

Phicoh: We need formalise out decision process outside of the
regular board meetings. Where do we draw the line, at what point
do we call a board meeting?

Phicoh: Three things we should do:

* Make an effort to invite all board members, depending on the circumstances
* At the end of the discussion there should be a clear item, where it is clear
  what the items are. And a majority should agree with the action item.
* Before the decision is made (or after the decision is made), someone needs
  to post minutes of the discussion to the board mailing list.

Justa: Realise that when you're pushing for a decision without the framework,
you're responsible for the decision.

Rule of thumb: Give people 24 hours after sending the minutes to object

Status of smell in the space

There was a large leak, it was fixed by UR, but wasn't cleaned up well yet.

* React is the 'main bad smell' / 'green door' smell is not fixed.

* There is a leak in the dirty room, which smells bad.
Touch Remko on the shoulder.

Status of window pledge

Window pledge is resolved. We made 500 euro. We will give ANON
person 100 euro back on the 150.

We need to decide how we work with 'non-rent' expenses. Phicoh says it's against
out statutes.
Arda Xi says we have no budget and states that is is separate.

Justa says, we need to:

* Inform members at the end of the year
* Agree that we want to spend the money as a board

Phicoh suggests to discuss 'budget' and how we handle 'drinks'.

The board agrees to pay 100 euros back to Anon


* Mail to the members that the board itself will pay 100
* Invoice goes to us, we pay the invoice, and only ask 50 euro from the 150 euro
* Next wednesday we will know the exact price,
  we can mail out our plans with respect to the window.

* Mattronix will add a 'lessons learned' page.
* Mattronix will work on a FAQ

Trac for board

Realitygaps noted that it would be good that have a FAQ on the trac wiki.
Wizzup noted that there is information on the techinc wiki, board prefix

Trac admin/login:

* Realitygaps
* Wizzup

* Make use of the wiki


When we get the film crew money:

* We will pay 1000 at that point

We will still count the 100 per month saved as 'loan deposit', and then at the
end of the year finish paying the loan.

Film Crew

* Wizzup will mail piele about the film crew contact,
  what the status is, etc.
  Mail piele about the film crew contact, what the status is, etc.

* Who signed the contract...?

Take away: We as a board need contact details of third parties for events.

Random tasks

* Wizzup will email about specific person being behind.