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Notes from the board meeting 2015 05 20.

Board Meeting May 20


0. Board formation
1. Member administration
2. Financial report for this month.

Board formation

There won't be any large changes -- realitygaps will take over
Brainsmoke's role
as secondary secretary.

Member administration

There are several tasks and distribution of work:

* Open 'dossiers' - use bank statements and the email history to deal
with the
* members directory on the machine, needs to be updated a bit, symlink with
  nicknames to id.
* financial directory is now set up,
* Tinance directory in src/
* Doorbot system

Justa has (previously) assigned issues to board members, including a summary
email. With three lists (1 = DONE, 2 = EASY, 3 = DIFFICULT)

Justa, Arda Xi, Wizzup, Phicoh will focus on list 3.
Mattronix and realitygaps will focus on list 2.

Financial report for this month

YMP needs to be kept up to date.
Donation jar income.

Wizzup will make a start on financial report, Justa will look at it next
tuesday (May 26).


Short discussion about the loan.

* Set up trac:

Realitygaps need access to the doorbot. (Also Arda Xi, Mattronix, and

Trac should know what member it is dealing with.