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Notes from the board meeting from 2015-05-06

Board Meeting: 6 May

Present: Arda Xi, Brainsmoke, Mattronix, Justa, Wizzup


0) Distribution of tasks for reminder mails
1) Status of monthly financial report
2) Upcoming ALV
3) Ticketing system / trac
4) Rent

0 Reminder mails

Justa explains the slider system and how we should process members.

Suggestion is to split the open tasks amongst the board members with experience
with the system:

* Arda Xi
* Justa
* Phicoh
* Wizzup

Others will get "easier" tasks.

If you get assigned a task, either pick it up, or if you cannot pick it up, for
whatever reason, let us know - then someone else can pick it up.

Brainsmoke has a lot of work to do in the upcoming days, so we will leave him

Wizzup will do the import.

1 Monthly financial report

Goal is to do it ~half May.

To make this easier in the future, we should:

* Do monthly updates to the next yearly financial report.
* Use ledger virtual transactions for YMP *(Yearly membership pool)*
* Buffers and Paying out Vesna's loan in there would be good too.


* Wizzup will move the bank import and other code to the board machine.
* Monthly dumps of bank statements both (MT940 and PDF) (Per month, 1 to 1, not
  7 to 7)
* Things mentioned above.

2 Upcoming ALV

What we need to do:

* Be there
* Update to date member list.
* We need voting vouchers / stamps
* Voting point: Financial report
* Board elections


* Wizzup will prepare members list after the 8th (after bank imports)

3 Ticketing system

There's a VPS for board; we should install/move trac to it.


* Justa will set it up on

4 Rent

* The rent went up a bit
* There's a outstanding invoice for fobs.