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Notes from the board meeting on 2015-04-15

Board meeting April 15


* Reminder mails
* Monthly report
* Financial report

* Present: Arnd, Erik, Philip, Matthew, Johan, Merlijn

1. ALV (Agenda)

Philip send out when the ALV will be, the agenda submission date closes.

Huishoudelijk regelement

Suggested changes: (Discussed right now, everyone seems to agree)

* No "Announce ALV 2 months in advance"
* "First ALV" / "Financial report ALV" in the first three months of the year

Two seperate votable points.

Vesna's point

Is submitted; no clear wording, we need to ask her if she wants it to be
proposed at the ALV, or not.

Philip will ask her if she wants to submit it or not.

Conflict resolution comittee

* Find out who are in there

* Find out if they need to be re-elected, if everyone still wants to be on

Board expiry

Update: Election history for board members (on the wiki)

Financial Report 2014

* Check Philip's comments on Arda Xi's report.

2. Reminder mails

This month

Arnd did a large sprint of reminder mails. Arnd processed everything in
list. All mails have the same prefix in the subject (something like:
reminder mails 20150407). They may have been mailed to admin@ only, or
also to
the person. The history is in the mailbox.

When you pick something up, mail to admin@ that you are picking it up.

Overview saved in /home/tiboard/backlogs/

Next month

We will have a list for that month. With people who are already
people who are no longer in the list (resolved), or new people, who are
now one
month behind.


Can be processed using the

How to spread the load

Arnd will assign 'issues' to board members.

Bank statements will be put on the board server, so you can easily check the
bank statements.

(Wizzup can perhaps make a nice text format for it)

Monthly financial report

Arnd will do the financial report and document it at the same time. Probably
within a week. He will create the financial report, and document how he
did it.

**Wizzup can use the MT940 tools to automate a lot of the process; so
make sure
to ping him.**

42. Random stuff

* Wizzup will add <redacted> to the members database. Brainsmoke knows him.
* KvK board members need to be updated.

Coffee machine

Philip: What is the status?

<redacted; statement will follow later>

Check database mail addresses and compare them with members@ list

Would be useful; or do we want to mandate this?

Add "opt-out" (to new member form): Do not add me to the members list