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Board Meeting February 18


* Financial report 2015 January is done
* ALV notes
* Board formation report
* Reminder mails
* KvK update process
* SSS method for ID storage
* Review <redacted> vulnerability mail
* Divide tasks and processes for next reminders

Things done:

* Monthly financial report for 2015 January is done
* ALV notes were send out
* Board formation send out

Open tasks:

* KvK update process -> Ask Arda. If not done until the next board meeting,
  someone else will pick it up.
* Arda reacted to a mail regarding Belastingdienst. They needed our contact
  information to put money on our bank. Arda said he would call them,
has that
  been done?
* SSS (redaction note: Shamir Secret Sharing; a threshold system for encrypting IDs): More discussion required
* Scan/photograph the membership forms and put them on phicoh's server.
* Investigate if we need analog copies of membership forms

* Financial report tasks:
  - Arnd will document creating the financial report on the wiki page
  - Wizzup do the financial report

* Reminders for January have not been sent out yet
  - Wizzup 'fill up gaps' were required, once we finish the 'reminders
  - Someone to work down from the top, where Justa works up from the bottom.
  - Justa will send mails out and create exception list (people who he

* Justa will send a reminder to Arda Xi about the financial report 2014

* Next reminder mails:
  - Phicoh and JUlf will pick that up

* We need to add 'promised_payment_per_month' to the database for
* Map how TInance maps member payments to to month payments (Wizzup)