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Happy new year!


* Arnd re-election
* Skinnr most likely steps down

* Financial report 2014: Meeting Friday 23
  - Justa will mail Arda Xi and ask him to respond to <redacted>'s mail

* Agenda:
  - Needs to be mailed on or before the 11th.
  - Board elections

* Look at live note keeping


Check the leftover replies, backlog on admin@ Wizzup stuff; then Arnd

== Monthly reports ==

* Financial report on bank, and income, and projections
* Arnd did preliminary report on the last month
* We need to do checks until now
* Amount of money we already recieved for the next months (Wizzup)
* Amount of money per month

Finish preparations on the 14th; and discuss again.



* Being able to log in and change/add fobs is done. There is a wiki page.
  - Send brainsmoke an ssh pubkey id


* Document board procedures / create a framework.
  - What if someone loses a fob?
  - etc


Being used now. Use it for more things:

* Mailing list
* etc

Philip remarks that LDAP is particularly nice usually because it's
only one password for everything.


* At least be able to get final number of member
* Would be nice to tell people who leave to let them know that they have
  to pay their revbank.
* Only for members?


* We need to integrate several systems:

  - Revbank (Nathan & Matt) [Destructive call]
  - Member administration (Wizzup)
  - Doorbot (Brainsmoke)

Wizzup will write scripts 'around' it



* Reply to <redacted>, tell us if help is needed.


* Mail Arda.
* Put last minutes online.
* Check how many payment reminders were sent to <redacted>
* Send out reminders (depenceny on Wizzup)


* Create GPG key that can be made public
* Send fobid list to Wizzup



* Update wiki (alv agenda) tonight
  - Will mail once done, so others can check.
* Send out agenda on the 9th

* Update bureaucrats page


* Restore fobid list
* Backlog of admin@
* Update membership system with recent data
* Also list of all their payments (when reminded)
* Amount of money we already recieved for the next months (Wizzup)
* Document tooling scripts ; create more tooling scripts ; mail it to the board.
* Centralised scripts
* Data vault check: Before 14th

* rsync /home/tiboard rsyncen (Create a tar everytime)