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Date 2021/06/16
Time 19:00
Location ACTA, Rear courtyard
Type Party
Contact Bakboter, Justa, Piele

Food has Been order since 11 AM 6/14/21
Techinc Member BBQ 2021

Since the Corona measures are slowly being lifted AND the weather is good, it seems like it is time to 'get the gang together again'. For that reason: A Techinc BBQ !

At the BACK of the acta , in the small courtyard there, we will have a MEMBERS-ONLY BBQ with meat and drinks catered for.

We expect to start the BBQ at 19:-- on the 16th of June!

There are MEAT , Vegetarian and Vegan options available. The offered menu includes one drink, too. We are asking €12.50 to cover the costs for this.

If you are coming, please put yourself on the list below and specify what option you'd like, or send a mail to if you have trouble with the wiki

We require you to pay CASH, on-site upon arrival. No revbank transaction is possible. If you are coming, register BEFORE monday 14th. You can remove yourself before that date, too. If you are on the list still on the 16th, we will assume you are coming. If you are not able to come due to unforseen circumstances, PLEASE contact to discuss the situation so we can arrange someone else to have a place available.

Member/Deelnemer Option Comment
Bakboter Meat BBQ Chef +1
Justa Meat Guest
chip vegi/little meat music + host
Karla Meat Provisionally with +1 if there is space
realitygaps Meat +1 guest +1 mobile soundsystem/music
Katje Meat PokemonMaster
ultratux Meat RoHS
cmpxchg Meat RoHS
Piele Meat
Phicoh Meat
Thomascovenant Meat
Zaerc Meat
Fnoerd Meat
LastNinja Meat
Epic Meat
Themuli No BQQ
s0s Veg mostly

Please note that we ask anyone who is bringing their own BBQ-meat/etc, to also bring a BBQ as we expect to not have any spare.

See you there, and bring a hat ! The weather looks like it is going to be great !

The menu will assortment of different items including the following


    beef burgers
    Chicken thigh skewer
    Grill sausage seasoned
    Marinated chicken breast
    Black Angus steak
    pork tenderloin medallions


     Kartoffel salad
     beef salad
     Salmon salad


    Satay sauce Ready & Ready
    Garlic sauce
    Whiskey cocktail sauce
    curry sauce


     Crack bread
     artisanal herb cream