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The network team provide a number of services to the membership of techinc (not limited to the Wiki, mailing lists, etc...) This is largely done using donated hardware, that has been generously given to us by members, and friendly organisations. However we are limited in what we can achieve with donated equipment and would like to purchase a few small items to improve the services that we currently provide. These items are:

  • 2 x 4TB Sata disks (approx cost €170)
  • 1 x 100m UTP cable (approx cost €40)
  • 2 x SFP+ optical transceivers (approx cost €20)

Costs have been rounded, as prices can fluctuate day by day, and do not take into account postage.

We would like approval from the ALV to use techinc funds of a maximum of €440 euro to buy the above equipment for use by the network team to provide services to techinc.

Example items

Examples of the items we wish to purchase are: