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TechInc ALV 2019, May 14

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1 Admin

1.1 Number of people present, number of proxy votes, guests?

Start time: 19:06

10 members present (2 proxy votes)

quorum 7

Katje opens

1.2 Approving the notes from the previous meeting

Approve 10 Against 0 Abstain 2


1.3. Finalizing agenda (any new points?)

Added point about brewing

2. Reports

2.1 Report from the board

2.2 Report from the Kascontrole committee

Justa shows up.

Quorum stays at 7

Approving the financial report

Approve 13 Aainst 0 Abstain 0


2.3 Appointing new Kascontrole committee 2019

Gorgabal Marvin Justa

Justa would like to elect more people if there is another ALV before the spring ALV

Approve 13 Against 0 Abstain 0 2.4 Report from the dispute committee

Bakboter joins

Quorum is 8

DrWhax read report by Chotee. All zeros

3.0 Board elections

Bigmac and Bakboter

Counting: Webmind, Justa, Cmpxchg

Both are elected

4. Votable points

4.1 motion by Katje

(Remove text from 'Trust board with payments' motion)

Justa: current situation is just overhead. Will be reported at the end of the year anyow Wizzup: not in this detail Gorgabal: kascontrolecommissie does see it Katje: in Jan. we book flights to Sydney.

Approve 11 Against 1 Abstain 2


4.2 motion Rename the "Media Committee" to "Social Media Committee" by Katje

Katje: media committee was intended to be social media committee. Current name causes confusion

Justa: rather extends media committee

DrWhax: we need a meldpunt

Cmpxchg: what about facebook not being an official channel of techinc

Katje: installing the committee made facebook something they deal with

Gorgalbal: agrees with justa, but this is just a name change. We can always change the name if we add more tasks. They didn't do much.

Bigmac: current committee should not add original content. So it should either be disbanded or should add actual tasks.

Justa: againsts with the spirit of bigmac's reaction. But understand that the committee cannot be always available. But we do need to people who know the tools and make things work. Have a group of people who want to deal with comm. to the outside world.

Katje: they thought they would deal with reposting to social media. But then some people asked them to fix the wiki as well. Changing the name makes it clear that they deal with social media. We can look at how to deal with other tasks later. Justa: they could have asked for help dealing with the website. But instead there was a panic reaction.

Cmpxchg: does the social media committee have access to the member list to invite members

Webmind: no I don't think that is good idea. I have no problem helping with the website, but it cannot suddenly become an obligation and getting people complain.

Gorgabal: name is not that relevant.

Wizzup: what if people step forward but the name is social media committee

Bigmac: we organise events, we need to advertise. There should be some mechanism to make that easy. If the poor guy organisaing has to do avertising then it doesn't happen

Justa: we need a group who coordinate that. If they can't do website now, that's fine. But if we have lots of small group. Wants to step forward as part of network team to help make automated tools.

Webmind: where we failed. We are in theory in a process to organise social media. But we can't even agree on when/how to meet. Fix structure of social media committee first.

Bigmac: lots of stuff not being done by the board, will now be done by the board (drinks ordering, organising open days)

Approve 3 Against 6 Abstain 5

Motion fails

Justa: I feel your pain. It is hard to get people to coordinate. We need to do better. It is fine to say no or I can't make it. But if you have time step up. 5.0. Left overs from the previous meetings?

Katje: if there are left overs and they are not in the freezer then throw them out. 6. Any other business

Marvin: Kombucha. Make it in the dirty room or server room

Katje: does it contain alcohol

Marvin: mildly fermented

Marvin: technically not my proposal. Just response to a request for less sugary drinks.

Justa: only non-pressurized fermentation.

Justa: network team can empty a shelf

Webmind: Kimchi?

Gorgabal: is it fine to have non-member in the room.

Justa: DrWax and Katje know, I sent a mail, I have been a board member, the is the tinance tool. What I did is I took the way we did it when I was board member and made a web version of it. I can share a link to a prototype version

DrWhax: I read the mail, it looks good. It would make the overhead a lot less. If we give existing member way to update there own information. Some people change email addresses without telling us.

Justa: we also have the idea to let members see their own payment history. I can't install on the board machine. I learned python, so now flask. It would be nice to know if people appreciate it.

DrWhax whent through the list of members not paying Katje: lots of people with start paying again

Justa: report every month that a member paid Wizzup: feature request...

Applause for Phicoh

Closed at 20:16