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Budgetting proposal for repairs and/or upkeep

I.a General intent of this point

Board is permitted and supposed to repair/replace essential tools and resources that are wholly owned by the space (or were wholly owned in case of items gone missing) when they become defective or unusable due to damage, misuse, random failure or when the item has gone missing. In addition, board is permitted and encouraged to purchase useful NEW resources, under the conditions stipulated further below in I.b.1.

I.a.1 What resources/items it entails

What is meant by that: purely pre-existing resources that are substantial or indispensable to the well-being of the space, its functioning, or its appeal. Board decides at its discretion what resources/items/tools fall under that definition, and how to best replace them, when/if necessary on a case by case basis. Not included/affected are consumables. Note that there is possibly a grey area here: It's hard to say whether damage to a solder tip, barbecue, saw or leaky cask is due to misuse or normal wear and tear. Then again, if the item is essential to our space, the cause of its demise might be immaterial. In any case, the board, or whomever she delegated this task to, shall make the determination, having weighed all the pro and con aspects.

I.a.2 Financial restrictions

To set limits to the financial obligations ensuing from this, the following rules will govern this:

  • Not depassing a grand total of 1000 euros per year
  • Limited to a maximum of 100 euros per item/resource, but:
  • with an (one) exception for one 500 euro max item purchase per year.
  • no funds can be transferred to or from a preceding or following year.

If the board believes the financial situation does NOT warrant a purchase then it can be cancelled or postponed. However, in that case the board has to be able to show supporting evidence for that shortage.

I.a.3 Delegation of this task

To free the board from tasks it has no interest or time to cope with, board is permitted to delegate this task to a subcommittee. Such a committee bears full responsibility to the board about its activities and purchases. If the board feels funds have been misused or wrongly spent, the members of that committee are personally liable for the amounts disputed. If the committee has doubts about a certain potential purchase, board can be asked for advice, in which case the advice from the board will be binding.

Such a committee can be elected by the ALV, but it can also be appointed by the board. Board is under no obligation to delegate the task, so in principle board determines whether it gets delegated and if so to whom. Board bears final responsibility for the purchases and decisions, notwithstanding board's possibility to hold the committee members personally accountable for any money wrongfully spent.

I.b.1 New item purchases (instead of replacement/repair)

Furthermore, it will be allowed to purchase new items the space did not own yet, but under a significantly more strict set of rules:

  • Not depassing a grand total of 250 euros per year.
  • no funds can be transferred to or from a preceding or following year.
  • the usefulness for the space and/or the community must be 'generally undisputed/uncontroversial' (yes, bikeshedding notwithstanding ;-)
  • Needs a _unanimous_ board decision (no members may vote against, but neutral/abstain is allowed)
  • This specific right can NOT be delegated away by the board.
  • Not allowed when financial situation does not warrant it
  • Must be a unique new resource, can not be similar/equal to something we already own.

However, the item may be a part of a larger thing that we already own but is not functional because it lacks the item that gets purchased. Ie. it does not have to be a standalone item, it can be a spare part of a larger entity. We do have to already own that larger entity though.

I.b.2 `Insignificant' items/resources

As an exception to the article I.b.1 above, very cheap items, to a max of 10 euros per month and max 50 euros per year, can be purchased with 'normal' permission from the board. Permission may even be granted after the fact, thereby ensuring that very attractive but time-limited small purchases can be done without having to wait for board approval. (Note: this is only for a very limited monetary amount: 10 euros max.) (Some simple procedure needed to avoid purchases crossing each other)

I.c Storage for members AKA "Memberboxes"

Board is permitted -and encouraged- to purchase, if and when a suitable deal presents itself, a set of extra memberboxes. This both to address the current shortage and also to try help prevent or decrease the sometimes wild proliferation of various strange storage containers. This permission limits the maximum price per memberbox to 10 euros, and the maximum amount spent overall to 300 euros. This a one-time thing, it does not get renewed at the end of the year, but it also doesn't expire. Previous missed deals have shown that 300 euros should likely be sufficient to purchase up to about 60 memberboxes max.

I.d Voting procedure

The above point I.a will be voted upon in at most two variations; the first as-is and if that doesn't get a majority, a variation with a 500 euro maximum total instead of 1000 and a maximum one-time purchase of 250 instead of 500 (article I.a.2).

Because election of persons poses severe strain on an ALV (both in complexity and in time spent) it is suggested to not vote for an eventual subcommittee but let board determine what they like to do. Of course, a future ALV may always challenge or adjust that. However, now we will vote on whether we allow board to delegate this. (Note: this point + vote is moot if the board is legally allowed to do this anyway, and in that case there will be no vote on I.a.3)

what follows are separate Yes/No/Abstain votes on the points I.b.1, I.b.2, and I.c.