ALV May 2018/Piele

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The proposal exists of 4 points.

If the first point is being accepted, points 2, 3 and 4 don't need to be voted on.

Since the conflicts of interest that happened in (a) previous conflict(s), and the legal consequences it lead to, and the alleged stress to board members, and time that very well could have be spent on more useful matter, it may be better to just not have a dispute committee at all. So the first point of this proposal is: 1) Effective immediately, the dispute committee will be dismantled.

If this point doesn't get accepted, please vote on the following points:

In the 2016-03-13 ALV, a term of max 2 years was decided for members of the dispute committee, but this is quite long, for comparison the terms for board members is max 1 year (

So the proposal is to change this term to match that of board members:

2) The term for a member of the dispute committee is 1 year, this will also count for member(s) currently in the dispute committee.

The members of the dispute committee have a very responsible task within the association, and decisions / advises made by the committee can be of great influence for the people involved, so therefore an absolute trust into the members of the committee is required, therefore:

3) There needs to be majority of 2/3 of the votes in favor for the candidate to be voted in the committee.

And finally there needs to be feedback from the committee to the members, not in detail, certainly anonymously, but there need to metrics:

4) Quarter annually, the dispute committee will report to the members some metrics, anonimized. For example: "2 running cases. The runtime for the past cases was X months. In case Y, member Z from the dispute committee had a potential conflict of interest with one of the parties involved in the conflict, thus that member temporarily resigned from the committee for the duration of that case."