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If someone is to be unwelcome at techinc the board will always do whatever is in their power to contact them of this fact and this shall be made very clear to the perso n filing the request.

case A: Member has a problem with non-member visiting the space -> member informs the board, and explains the situation. board initially takes member's interest. board will document the ways it tries to contact the non-member final step in trying to reach the non-member is asking all members that the board is trying to contact this person. IF the board has a way of contacting the non-member, they will do so, asking them to contact them before visiting the space. IF person does not want contact, they are no longer welcome IF person does want to talk and it turns to a dispute -> dispute committee. IF the board has no way to reach the non-member, the board will inform the board + dispute. when these people spot the person in question, these people will inform that if they wish to come to the space, they need to talk to the board.

When the board decides someone is no longer welcome, they ask the person not to come, if they do come, all -members- and only members will be informed of that this person are no longer welcome. The unwelcome person will be informed this is a consequence of not adhering to this request.