ALV May 2018/Katje

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In order of votes:

Vote 1: Should retention period for dispute committee records be:

                                                       a) 5 years
                                                       b) 10 years

Vote 2: Should we allow the dispute committee and board to coopt membersto fill shortages in members, either due to recusals or lack of members (version a vs version b of the proceedure document):

                                                       a) Cooption is allowed
                                                       b) Cooption not allowed

Vote 3: Given the result of votes 1 and 2, vote to approve the full proceedure as ammended:

                                                       a) For
                                                       b) Against

Vote 4: If Vote 3 is passed, then vote to mandate for the board:

The board shall consider the report from the dispute committee, and take any action they deem necessary based on that report and their own judgement. All remedies must have an expiry date, all remedies must be reviewed annually, and all remedies must be appealable at an ALV.

                                                       a) For
                                                       b) Against