ALV May 2018/Bigmac

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  For the upcoming ALV I'd like to put something on the agenda.

  The statutes of TechInc say something about an ALV needed somewhere in
  November-ish to discuss the budget for the new year, taking into
  account the preliminary results for the last year - so people can see
  how we did, and if we're in the plus, what we should spend it on, if
  we want to do that. That's not exactly how things went last ALV - not
  knowing the results for last year, we could not propose budget
  spendings for the next year, and a `rinse and repeat' budget was
  agreed on.

  So apparently "we did well" in 2017; it is wise most of that goes to
  savings (except for some unfortunate events which require some legal

  For the last year, there has been talk about upgrading the power
  infrastructure for TechInc. The power has been frequently tripping
  when people were cooking, were plugging in their heavy graphical
  workstations, or even in the winter when other tenants were turning on
  heaters. The power requirements at TechInc have been steadily growing
  now that there is community cooking multiple times per week.

  A pledge request was made
  A team was formed [2]
  A project description was started
  So far, what has been done is:
    * I bought a new cable 50m 5 x 6mm2 from my own pledged money
    * I pulled the cable (with help) from the supply downstairs to
      TechInc (after waiting 5 months for Remko to get better and
      assist, we finally managed to get things done without him - I hope
      he gets better soon)
    * Side project (in progress): remove all TL lighting and replace by
      LED bars; bought from my pledged money (this saves power and gives
      better lighting)

  The next steps are
    * Connecting the new cable (hopefully soon with electrician from
      Urban Resort, should be < 100 euro)
    * Upgrade the current fusebox to something bigger so we can switch
      *all* power used in space through our own fusebox, and not be
      dependent on the locked switchbox upstairs

  The exact solution/suggestion is still under discussion. We can buy a
  fully wired switchbox new for less than 1000 euro for sure. We can
  work on cheaper solutions - reusing some components, buying parts
  second-hand, or hand-wiring the new box vs buying pre-wired. Upgrading
  the current fusebox with more or smaller switches will not meet the
  requirements - according to the list we'd need up to 48 positions on
  the DIN rail (4 rails of 12) for the "ideal" situation, where we have
  18 available

  The remainder of the current pledge runs maybe 200 euro. We're going
  to need upto 1000 euro.
  I ask for a vote to reserve upto 1000 euro of the "profits" from last
  year for fixing the power situation. (*not* for refunding already
  spent or pledged money - my 500 euro on cable and lights was an
  unconditional donation). Or, if that amount sounds excessive, 500
  euro. (500 euro does not buy fully new equipment; reusing parts or
  finding second hand parts may make it possible to do the job for that
  budget). Or 0 - just connect the new, higher power cable, to the
  existing fusebox. Remaining pledge money is only for paying for the

  Power upgrade needs upto 1000 euro maximum; should we spend 1000, 500,
  or 0 on it? Please vote.