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Conclusions and actions from the ALV in January 2014


- Abraham being allowed as a member, but have no keys

- notes form the previous ALV (link) approved

- the committee to control the Financial report formed: Philip, Paul, Merielle, Maarten.

- two board members stepped down, with members gratitude: Marc & Melinda

- two new board members were voted in: Ctrl-K & Brainsmoke

- the comittee to decide on the WG terein offer was formed: Philip, Peter, Stef, Ctrl-K, Chottee, JinX, Erwin, Voidz0r, Maarten, Abraham

- moving: WG terein was voted in as 1st option, acta++ as second option

Votable Points:

- points 1,4,5,7, 8 were voted "yes", will be added into the HHR:

- 2a was voted yes, then voted no afterwords.

- point 6: some "rules" were voted into HHR, some not.

- points 2b, 2c, 9 & 10 were rejected.

- extra points were not voted on, only discussed.


- Can we have the financial report longer before the ALV?

- can you add how many funds board spent on "daily running" of the space, in the report?


- put Financial report about 2013 on the wiki

- ask question to WG-terien committee (done)

- add an agenda point on next ALV to decide who will be in the "dispute committee"

- at the next ALV, present the tided-up version of HHR based on "rules" from point 6

- add rule about payments before 7th to the HHR

"Members can choose to pay their membership fee yearly or per month. If they choose to pay per month they must pay before the 7th of the month they pay their membership fees for." 

- add rule about non paying members to HHR

"* When a payment is missed, member will receive an email with a reminder.
* If after a month the payment is still due, a board member will try to personally contact the member.
* If after 2 months the payment is still due, your fob will be disabled and an other email will be send by the board.
* If after 3 months the payment is still due, you will no longer be a member.

- add a text about warnings & consequences to HHR:

"When a member has been disruptive to the community (and the board have recevied a formal complaint) they will get a warning from the board.
When three warnings have been given to a member (for different types of disruption) their access privileges will be revoked.
When a member has repeated the same disruptive behaviour that warranted a warning, a second warning will be deemed enough to revoke access privileges." 

- add a text in HRR about existence of the "dispute committee" group:

" A group of members will be formed to deal with internal member disputes, they will make recommendations to the board about what disciplinary      
actions should be taken. This group will consist of 3 members who are voted for based on nominations at an ALV." 

- add the text in HHR:

"There should be an annual fixed ALV at the start of each year (in January) which will occur annually regardless of anyone calling for an 
ALV. The date will be published on the wiki and mailing list at least 2 months in advance of the date."