ALV 2013 04 06

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ALV 2013 04 06
Date 2013/04/06
Location ACTA
Type Meeting
Contact Board




0. Admin items

1. approve the financial administration.

2. Report from working groups

3. Report form the board (tentative!)

4. Votable points:

  • Do we accept "controversial" members (and projects) in our space? (Wizzup)
  • Static cameras are allowed as long as they are not aimed at the space (where people could be visible); or people need to take do serious effort for getting in pictures (e.g. cameras on a plant). (Wizzup)
  • _ALL_ Video/Audio/Photo taking/recording is not allowed, unless everyone who would be on the recording has been asked explicit permission. Taking pictures of the space is allowed; use common sense. (Wizzup)
    • On events slightly different rules may apply to record a talk; but there should still be camera-free places in the space during such events.
    • Note: Cameras include _actively_ _using_ smartphones (taking recordings with them) and google glass-like devices.
  • Do you agree to have women-only events in the space: (Vesna)
    • not more often then once a month
  • Any event that blocks access to the space by other members should not be allowed (unless a majority vote passed???) (Wizzup)
  • Facebook account should be dismantled. (Wizzup)
    • Or be made unofficial
  • Twitter account should be dismantled. (Wizzup)
    • Or be made unofficial
  • mailinglist should be dismantled. (Aldert)
    • Or be made unofficial

  • bicycles (folded or not) should not be allowed in the space for storage/parking (amx or utx)
    • exclusion for being 'actively worked on'

Form for proxy voting

File:proxy vote.pdf

printout of the agenda as of 23.3.2013, 4-ish pm

File:Preview of “ALV 2013 04 06 - Technologia Incognita”.pdf


Minutes are here