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Current state (2014, June)

Currently we are running the Wifi for the space on a TP-Link TL-WDR4300

It's operable but occasionally stops working. When that happens, manually turn it off an on using the DC plug to make it work again.

SSID's :

  • TechInc : b/g/n on 2.4 Ghz
  • TechInc : n on 5 Ghz

The password is written on tape, stuck to the side of one of the kitchen tables in case you need it when nobody is around. If you are not alone, feel free to ask someone else for it. If you are being asked by a member or a visitor: please give it out freely.

Please refrain from posting it on (digital) media outside the space.

Future Plan

How to

  • Access to the router : connect to the wifi ; ssh gw
  • Access to the WLAN config : connect to the wifi ; https://wlc/


  • There is a disabled SSID called TechInc-Spacenet configured on the Cisco WLAN controller,
  • DrWhax has a techinc admin user and password so that when everything is up and running an effort can be made to configure this specific SSID to connect to an LDAP server for authentication.
  • Of course it is always possible if an extra non Cisco base station shows up just for that Spacenet purpose.

See Spacenet

Wiring up the space

This is in the capable hands of Justa, Ultratux and Drwhax.