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WE want a big whiteboard against one wall

Making a whiteboard

Some options for making a whiteboard.

Peter's suggestion

Also, one note about the proposed whiteboard/projection wall (i.e. between corner 4 and corner 1, where corner 1 is where the door to the space is located and numbering clockwise): we may have a pull-down projector screen located on the ceiling a bit out from the wall, so the main thing on the wall itself will be whiteboard. For that, note that it isn't useful to do the whole wall from floor to ceiling in whiteboard. In addition the size of the whiteboard sheet that we could purchase was thought (by Arnd) something like ~250cm x 150cm, with two(three?) sheets laid out horizontally. Vertically we would have a whiteboard height of ~150cm, presumably located 80-100cm off the floor. I believe this leaves space _above_ 230-250cm to the ceiling for either art or storage.

Arnd called the supplier: A supplier of these sheets; 2.5Mx1.2M in size (total of 3m2 per sheet) is

For pricing on this particular product, see:

The price listed is for 1000KG of sheets @ 9.6KG a piece.. This means around 31 euro per sheet; about 10 euro per m2 A complication is that they're located in Valkenswaard.

I (arnd) called them and found out the following: Costs for three sheets would be €95.- Delivery and handling for any order under €500,- is €50,- We can become a customer within a day. A check at KVK will be done to check if we're financially soluble. Delivery can be done/planned for thursday/friday if needed (it is now tuesday). Total costs would thus be €145,- for 'a wall of whiteboard' (on the right from the entrance, as seen from when you walk into the space).

who would like one?

Assuming the price of about 31 euro for 2,5m x 1,2m (metal, coated) still stands:

  • TechInc - 3
  • AndreasR - 1
  • Wizzup - 2 1
  • Stef - 1
  • Ikarus - 2
  • stichting [braam] - 2 [possibily 3]
  • tg - 1
  • Muse - 1
  • turiphro - 1
  • mfwc (for OHM; Foodhackingbase); will be donated to TechInc afterwards - 1
  • N^2 for OHM - 1
  • hdez - 1


I'll check if we can get them asap in Amsterdam, otherwise I'll ask them if they can deliver to OHM directly - will be major moving around stuff but better than trying to organize a truck privately.