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Trash, Garbage, Afval, it needs taking out. This document tries to explain where to dump the garbage.

The garbage collection point is in the back of the ACTA building.

For large waste items that don't fit in the garbage bins there are two options :

  1. Put it next to the block of bins only on Thursdays after 21.00.
    This will be picked up on Friday's at 0730.
    Please do not put large waste items ON the blocks of the bins, they need to be able to lift those out before they collect the large waste.
  2. The city recycling, they are just down the road on the Henk Sneevlietweg.

FIXME: Check if this still current

Glass, plastic etc.: not the map Trash place but out the front between the barriers and the bike parking, in the municipality collected sunken recycling containers.

Where the trashbins are