4.1.14. post-congressial chill-out gathering

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4.1.14. post-congressial chill-out gathering
Date 2014/01/04
Location (h)ACTA
Type Party
Contact contact

Let's get together to celebrate one more congress survived, and welcome guests who are visiting Amsterdam, and prepare for the rest of 2014...

Date: Saturday, 4th January 2014 Time: 6PM - 00:00 or till the taxies take you home.... Location: Technologia Incognita hackerspace, Amsterdam, (h)ACTA building, Louwseweg 1 (tram 2 etc)

Sofas , tools & music provided.

Some drinks, snacks and MATE provided. We might order food at some point...

Chill out with hackers in their natural habitat :)