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We have 3 (2 original, 1 via Frack) presale vouchers for 33c3 presale. (33rd Chaos Communication Congress December 27 - 30.) https://tickets.events.ccc.de/content/faq_en.html

These will regenerate once used so can be passed on through the members of techinc.

If you would like to get access to a voucher, leave your name below:

  • realitygaps (got ticket elsewhere)
  • mattronix had #1
  • Piele had voucher #1))
  • maikel (got voucher from sha)
  • muse (passed voucher #2 on to sproet)
  • sproet (passed voucher #2 on to sawugo and will fix his ticket)
  • sawugo (passed voucher #2 on to madeddie)
  • becha (got voucher from sha and has ticket)
  • justa (got ticket via voucher #1, passed to Snowcrash)
  • damnlie (got one from Lag)
  • sn0wcrash (got ticket via voucher #1, passed to Ultratux)
  • ultratux (passed voucher #1 on to gorgabal)
  • Gorgabal (passed voucher #1 on to Bigmac, skipped tew since tew indicated that he could not afford a ticket at the moment.)
  • bigmacfoobar (Marcel / bigmac) (used voucher #1 twice, passed on to dokterbob)
  • madeddie (passed voucher #2 to cmpxchg, passed voucher #3 to bakboter)
  • thomascovenant (got voucher from sha)
  • cmpxchg (got ticket via voucher #2, pass to Stef)
  • bakboter ( had voucher # stef. )
  • dokterbob (sent voucher #1 to sjaan )
  • sjaan (passed voucher #1 back to dokterbob)
  • irisutza (sent voucher to dokterbob)
  • Stef (passed #3 onto madeddie, #2 did not generate a new voucher, if any voucher still works send it to bigmac please)
  • bigmacfoobar needs it again! Stef please send #2
  • madeddie knows more interested parties, please return at least one of the vouchers to him
  • Stef (got 1 friend who still needs a ticket)
  • tew (Could not afford a ticket, please keep tew on the end of this list, might me able to afford later)