32c3 decompression

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32c3 decompression
Date 2016/01/02
Time 17:00
Location (h)ACTA
Type Party
Contact Becha

#32c3 decompression party

If you are suffering from the post-32c3 blues, and in Amsterdam, come join other hackers at TechInc!!

From 5PM onwards:

  • tea
  • club Mate
  • self-made beer (maybe)
  • potluck dinner
  • or: ordering take-away Indian, and usual ;-)


there are boxes left over from SinterKlaas!
Let's fill them up with things, and make presents for refugees! 

Maybe we will be watching #32c3 lightning talks on the projector...

Maybe there'll be music...


Kids are welcome! 


  • Becha + Alisa + Charlie
  • Justa
  • webmind
  • phicoh
  • ...
  • (you?)


  • Louwesweg 1 ([[1]])
  • First Floor