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Technologia Incognita, or Undiscovered Technology, is a hackerspace. We are a community born out of the spirit of hackers.

We all like to learn and work on interesting projects, but working on projects by yourself can get lonely. It's always great to have people to bounce your ideas off too; and frankly, where would you get that 470 ohm resistor at 02:00 in the morning?

That's where a hackerspace comes in. Besides providing a makespace, a place for sharing equipment and parts, it's also a place where the community and its sub-groups can come together; to socialise and work. It will be a place to share knowledge and help others develop in a diversity of fields. From arts to electronics, there's a certain serendipity that can come from all these different skills and backgrounds being under one roof. Being at the space will likely help you overcome any difficulties you might run into and build your confidence. And lets face it: it'll be a damn site more fun to share in that 'oooh shiny' moment with others.

Do you want to know more? Look around on the Wiki, check our website and join us on one of our regular Events or check the Contact page for other ways of keeping track.