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The Amsterdam Hackerspace


The hackspace is temporarily located at Vijzelstraat 68 which we've named Temp_Inc. Check our Opening Rota to see when we are open.

From the second half of October, 2012, we will be moving from Temp_Inc to a permanent space in the ACTA building at Louwesweg 1.


We have a formal membership system, look here Become a member

We are a vereniging, we have a board of directors and a bank account. We are currently in the process of formalising the membership process and aim to start taking donations soon.

If you're trying to find members or more particular board members, go to the organisation page. We also have a page full of people.

Contact Us

There are a number of ways you can contact us. Here are a few:

IRC #techinc on OFTC
Twitter account @techincognita
Facebook page

Our general mailing list carries all discussion about the space past, future and present as well as any/all topic of conversation.

Finally a list of places we've been mentioned in the press


Our weekly social meeting will now happen at our Temp_Inc space. Wednesday from 8pm.

For other upcoming events and meetings also check the event page

Useful information for space-creation
Stuff we need

We need to fill up our space to make it nice and cosy, have some hardware left? Or maybe have some spare chairs you don't use anymore? Please contact us and let us know. We also have a page for the tools we want

Discussion about website


Is the danish hacker on fire

Todo list