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To collect different possible statute changes and discuss them long beforehand. As every change in the statutes does cost money, they should be done in batch.

fixed/flexible terms for board members

Currently there is no fixed term for board members, once elected they are, as long as no significant amount of members does act, in power until they choose to resign. A fixed term might prove a nice entry point and lower the barrier for getting into the board. Another suggestion is to have the board being reelected at every ALV or whenever someone applies.

membership terms

currently members need to sign up for the whole financial year, while this makes for good planning on the space side, it is a considerable barrier. It has been discussed whether termination should be on shorter notice (end of the quarter?monthly?)

make direct (advanced) voting via mail for ALV possible

Instead of a proxy vote there should be the possibility to vote in advance (especially in case of absence at the ALV) for well formulated points. A OpenGPG signed mail might be a good addition to the proxy vote process.