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Wild ta10.jpg
Specification Making the Wild Thing Cut & Draw Again!

We just need some parts to complete it so you can Plot & Cut!

Pledge Type Tools
Pledge Leader User:Quinor
Approximate Target €150
Running Total €165
Status Completed

We want to purchase a set of cutters and pens for the space's Cutter so that everyone can start using it!

The item

Budget estimation

  • We'd like to have our current tools resharpened and have a spare set, also we are trying to source several colors of pens
  • 6 x 18,60 + 1 x 9,40 + ~15,-shipping (any surplus for pens etc.)
  • Aiming for 150 Euro's


  • It can draw on several materials with color pens (just for fun or to make patterns for your PCB's, stencils or what have you) and markers.

It can cut masking foils, transfer foils (for t-shirt printing), business cards, stickers, paper, cardboard, strawboard and even textile/leather maybe in the future even mill out PCB's when we have budget and find/build the tools for it.

Additional information

  • Even a couple of euro's will already help!

If only 30 members pledge 5 bucks! We hope to have it working to show of at the next International Open Hackerspace day 26th of March '22


  • €10 -- 3p!c - PAID
  • €25 -- Quinor - PAID
  • €20 -- Chip
  • €25 -- web - PAID
  • €10 -- hp197 - PAID
  • €20 -- Oberoid - PAID
  • €5 -- realitygaps - PAID
  • €10 -- Nellie Bly - PAID
  • €10 -- Justa - PAID
  • €10 -- Darw - PAID
  • €10 -- Fnoerd - PAID
  • €10 -- Thedaniel - PAID


Since there were some payments to the associations' bank account for this pledge already, the board an the pledgestarter agreed that the board will collect the money for this pledge and reimburse the purchases for the tools.

Payment can be done on 2 ways:

  • (preffered way) Transfer the amount you pledged to the bank account of the association: NL11 ABNA 0514 9783 09 Vereniging 'Technologia Incognita'

PLEASE use in the description: WILD PLEDGE, $yournickname

  • Put cash money in an envelope, take a small description bill, and write down date, your name, amount, reason: other - Wild pledge and put this in the big safe.