Pledges/Stickers 45mm September 2014

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Specification it sticks
Pledge Type Promotion
Pledge Leader Narya
Approximate Target €60
Running Total €60
Status Completed

Batch of small stickers (45mm)

Black background, full color logo and text (artwork on git)


If you want hexagon stickers (future order) you need to vote/pledge here:

Target: €70


  • Design sticker in Inkscape, convert everything to a path, and save as SVG
  • Drukwerkdeal wants the file in CMYK colors (see HERE)
    • deep black is 10% C, 10% M, 10% Y, 100% K
    • maximum per color should be below 280%
  • Open the SVG file in Scribus and run this script to convert RGB to CMYK
  • Save the file as EPS
  • Open the EPS file in your favorite text editor, or create a one-liner to change "0 0 0 1 cmyk fill" to "0.1 0.1 0.1 1 cmyk fill"

Note: I have sent an e-mail to Drukwerkdeal to ask if they can check whether the black background is good for printing. If it is, I'll update the git repo with this info.

  • Next time they want it in PDF/x-1a:2001 format (the interweb says that this can only be done with adobe distiller, is there really no other way?)

PS The stickers are in production and the ETA is 1 October 2014


  • €10 -- Narya (paid)
  • €10 -- ChrisS
  • €10 -- JinX
  • €10 -- Becha (paid)
  • €10 -- Ultratux
  • €10 -- Brainsmoke (cross-pledged)
  • €.. -- ...