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Pledge Type Infrastructure
Pledge Leader User:Peter
Approximate Target
Running Total €0
Status Failed

[Note that this is not yet an active pledge drive. This wiki page serves to collect the initial ideas, cost estimates, etc. which will eventually be needed to proceed with either a pledge drive or pursuing other types of funding.]

To allow for presentations, workshops and similar activities in the new ACTA space, we need to purchase some amount of infrastructure items.

The current proposal (as of 1 Nov, 2012) is to put whiteboards along the wall between the entrance door and the door to the utility shaft (i.e. Wall 1-4 when numbering corners clockwise with the main door corner being number 1). In addition we would aim to have a pull down projector screen located in front of the whiteboards and a ceiling mounted projector/beamer. Cabling to attach a computer to the beamer, to the audio system, etc. should also be along Wall 1-4.

Items needed and cost estimates

  • Whiteboard(s)
  • etc. etc. (To be filled in)


  • €?? -- ???