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Specification A desktop-mounted static BELT and DISC sander to replace the mix of tools we have currently

Something like this:

Pledge Type Tools
Pledge Leader Justa
Approximate Target €135
Running Total €30
Status Current

To replace the belt-sanding attachment on the (current) grinder AND to provide a disc-sander so that we can safely get rid of the band-saw, we're looking to buy a static belt/disc-sanding tool

The item

Budget estimation

  • We are looking to acquire the tool for around 100-120 euro. The rest of the budget will go to purchasing some (extra) belts and disks.


  • Sand, the verb.

Additional information

  • Do not transfer your pledged funds to the associations' bank account


  • €20 -- Justa
  • €5 -- 3p1c
  • €5 -- realitygaps