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=Warning, this is last years page=
=2016 info here: https://wiki.techinc.nl/index.php/Open_HackerSpace_Day_2016=

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Open Hackerspace Day 2015
Date 2015/03/28
Location ACTA
Type Other
Contact contact

Warning, this is last years page

2016 info here: https://wiki.techinc.nl/index.php/Open_HackerSpace_Day_2016


We have an open day this year on March 28th, along with many other hackerspaces in NL. Feel free to drop by, there will be people at the space during the day and in the evening

A more detailed description of this event: http://techinc.nl/openhackerspaceday2015


Activity Time Contact Location
Ijduino Workshop 4pm - 7pm the_Jinx,realitygaps Aux Room
Jewellery Workshop ? - ? daan
Dart Controller show ? - ? Massi Bitt
Lightning Talks 9PM - 11PM User:Becha Aux Room

Lighting Talks = 5 minutes of fame!

  • Network team
  • cjd
  • hackopen
  • ijduino
  • midi guy
  • you???