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Date 2013/01/09
Location ACTA
Type Meeting
Contact User:Becha

Mini Members Meeting:

  • very short
  • discuss open & ongoing things
  • no decisions or voting: if needed, move that to ALV

Fixed time:

  • every second Wednesday of the month
  • at 9PM

Fixed agenda:

               1 volunteer a (rotating) minute taker & chair of the meeting (NOT from the board!)    
               2  review of the open actions        (5 min)                 
               3 events & projects from last month  (5 min)         
               4 future events & projects           (5 min)         
               5 any new topics?                               (5 min)         
               6 to & from the board                           (5 min)         
               7 new actions                                   (5 min)     

Add your topics here, or change the agenda & put your name to the topic.

If you want to chair or take notes, either edit this page or step up during the meeting.

Meeting Minutes

21:13 - Start of meeting

Madeddie: chair Arnd: keeping minutes.

Mini-members meeting; first time.

1 explains the idea behind the members meeting.
- Fixed agenda
- Every second wednesday of the month; for now.

2 Review of open actions:
- Two committees are still busy with their points
- Marc and other commitee-members invite people to come talk to them about it if they want to join

3 Events/projects of last month.
- Stickers have been posted. Amran and arnd worked on fixing the design and processed it.
- CCC-congress had a hackerspaces-exchange workshop hosted by Vesna. Notes were made as well as recordings. 34 hackspaces were there from 17 countries. The mailinglist/wiki will have results

4 Future events/projects:
- Young hackspace announced by Amran; First one slated for feb. expect announcement
- Dorien has a project planned for exploring the relation between democracy and technology as well as workshop on new ways of designing the internet; expect announcements for april
- Open Hackerspace day suggested *again* on the same date as ISP karting and Unlike Us conference. Suggested is to mail them to ask HSNL to move the day.
- Blender-evening is coming up for next month; an event at the space that focuses on all aspects involving blender; the movies and using it. etc.
- FOSDEM; several people are going there from the space; first week of feb.
- Ladies Night is suggested; idea to have every girl 'take one guy' to have a majority of girls.
- HHTTG marathon suggested by Philip.
- Wizzup is starting a project for a new beamer.

5: new topics
- Webmind; on HSNL list it was asked wether or not regulations and other rules inhibits interaction/creativity
- Philip; please put minutes on wiki.
- Wizzup: networking suggestions; please come to Wizzup about suggestions/wishlist/etc.
- vesna: spacenet , please
- vesna: do we want people to allow questions via IRC. Answer: question of scope not quite clear.

6 General questions:
- Maarten: how to put stuff on the agenda ? Answer: add it to the wiki page; this should exist before the meeting. Secretary will create the page ; please refer to secretary if page does not exist.
- Vesna: is the upcoming ALV date good ? Answer: Perhaps suggest 3 dates now; so that people have time to quickly decide on this. The ALV is planned for 2 months from now; approx. The main thing is the financial report and the conclusions of the committies.
- Vesna: who can give me a key. A: everyone can give you a copy of a physical key; fobs need to be via Stef. However; any board-member can pick up a fob at Marijke.

7 New actionpoints
- Committees are asked to come with a status-report on their report. Camera/projects groups.
- ALV-notes will be put on the wiki
- Members-meeting (this one) needs to be on the wiki
- board-meeting notes wil be on the wiki
- Treasurer will give a status about the financial report.

Discussion was had about next date and if it was handy to keep it on social night, etc. Next meeting WILL be on the 13th of Feb. Discussion about how to do the meetings after that will be held on the mailinglist and presented on the next meeting.

- Amran/Maarten/Madeddie/Wizzup will discuss about the OOH donation
- Marc: there is also a donation from the belgian Xbox Kinect. It is now of the space.