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Date 2013/02/13
Location ACTA
Type Meeting
Contact User:Becha

Mini Members Meeting:

  • very short
  • inform others of open & ongoing things
  • discussions to happen after the meeting
  • no decisions or voting: if needed, move that to ALV

Fixed time:

  • every second Wednesday of the month
  • at 9PM
  • standing meeting outside the space

Fixed agenda:

               1 volunteer a (rotating) minute taker & chair of the meeting (NOT from the board!)
               2 review any outstanding actions                (5 min)                 
               3 events & projects from last month             (5 min)         
               4 future events & projects                      (5 min)         
               5 any new topics?                               (5 min)         
               6 to & from the board                           (5 min)         
               7 new actions                                   (5 min)     

Add your topics here, or change the agenda & put your name to the topic.

  • Techincogito - DrWhax/Webmind

If you want to chair or take notes, either edit this page or step up during the meeting.


Barbera is chairman ; Wizzup takes notes

Status report from commitees

Camera subgroup: Progress on camera:

  • Four votable points.

Find out who are controversial:

  • realitygaps, webmind, DrWhax, Wizzup
  • No updates on controversial, yet.
  • ALV notes have been put on the wiki.
  • Member meetings need to be on the wiki. Notes are taken.
  • Board meeting announcements should be on the wiki
  • Treasurer should give on update on amount of members,
    • shortage (or not), rent, etc. This has not happened yet.
  • Financial report from last year - we need to check it, still has not been done.

Events and projects from last month (and future projects)

Bellenboard project is going okay - ordering stuff from China. UR agreed that we would look into bellenboard.

Ladies night:

  • Was an interesting evening
  • Discussion at the end was uncomfortable to some; some women protested against men being in the space at the ladies night. And the way stuff was being stated wasn't very nice.
  • The first half of the evening resulted in topics where people would like to work on or to learn
  • The sewing workshop came out of it.

utx added up all his bills. He wanted to go through them with Peter, but that has not happened yet. utx updated the pledge, but doesn't know where to go now. He is waiting on the donation amount, possibly. More people need to pledge. We need 150-200 more.

We have unofficial water, but no drain. We can use the dishwasher, but it needs to be watched and drained specifically. Please don't use it if you don't know how to. We *really* don't want a flood.

Reese: Tshirts and hookies will hopefully be done before open hackerspace day. Question if we need more. There is a pledge for t-shirts, put your name on there if you want (some).

Justa asks if it would be nice to have tshirts sponsors, where you buy (more shirts), where you get money back once additional shirts (that you paid for) are bought.

Realitygaps: Software sunday will hopefully be starting this month. Hacking on software, workshops. Ladies night provided us with good subjects.

utx asks if it afternoon of evening? Realitygaps: Idea is to start in the afternoon.

Webmind: We ordered Oyos with the space, there will be Oyo tinkering day next monday, the 18th. We send a mail on technologia incognito; you can pay more membership fees which will go to a foundation to set up tor nodes.

If we want to host one here, we should talk about this on the ALV.

Justa notes past and future projects are being mixed up, so we are merging them in this discussion because that is easier.

Phicoh is working on setting up a local server for host name resolution.


  • Rubberfuse updates, meetings
  • Techinc arcade machine:
    • Working on visual launcher with theonlyjoey
    • Different key mappings, script per game
  • Discussing storage server from network infrastructure


  • Spacenet should be ready soon


  • Working on network, cisco set up
  • Got rid of airport
  • Everything moved to the cleanroom

Phicoh asked about hardware hacking night, tinkering night, what happened: ``It was fun


  • Ladies night result -> workshop sewing
  • Brought in the wooden wheel (There are ideas for lighting; do not paint it!)
  • If you have ideas what it should control, put it on the wiki: ARTS

Justa : Networking: Justa, Amx, brainsmoke worked stuff to cleanrooms, laid out more network cables. There are more eth. cables, should be in the wall

Spacebutton: opposite of the door, against library. Wizzup asks if it can control more than just the space state. If we have the powerbar there, we can use it to control the lights as well If we need more cables but don't want to run them, just ask. Don't just randomly run cables.

Additional/future projects:

Realitygaps: We need to set ALV date. Old board is still on the statutes, does that need to change?

Keyfobs from Marijke, unactivated, pick them up from us. Board can hand them out and board can mail Marijke to activate it. (Where can we find the fobs???) Stef is working on getting a safe again, Wizzup is waiting on madeddie

Incoming questions: From utx:

  • About 750 donation, if it forthcoming, should we forget about it? (To amx, madeddie)

New agenda points for the next meetings

  • Controversial votable points; same for camera group
  • Updates about the financial report (last year and current)
  • ALV date needs to be clear, mailed
  • OOH donation needs to be cleared up (amx)
  • Xbox kinect from belgium, donation is cleared up
  • Who is arranging / organising open hackerspace day. A team/plan needs to be set up for the openhackerspace day, what are we doing, when are we doing it, how are we doing it.
  • Incoming mail from AT5; one day before open hackerspaces day. We also need a team for that. We are also waiting for a few answers.