Laptop 1.0

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Participants Cyberdutch
Skills hardware
Status Finished
Niche Electronics
Purpose Fun

Live the future now! Join the world of mobile and flexible computing ;-)

Laptop10 2015f.jpg

Laptop 1.0 is an ATX-mobo based computer residing in a small vintage suitcase from the 1930s.

Laptop10 2015t.jpg

Specs are meant to remain flexible: Cards and other parts can be changed on the fly to suit user's convenience.

It carries a LiPo battery pack of 14.8V x 20Ah. For WiFi it comes with a basic internal antenna as well as an external directional yagi.

Most of the components used in this project origin from Kingsday's market, own stock or leftovers.

Laptop10 2015ant.jpg Laptop10 2015pon.png

March 16, 2015 - Almost finished

Only few things left to do :-)

The step down voltage converter that sits between the 4-cell LiPo battery pack and the Pico PSU needed replacement. At this moment, the newly ordered buck 15A power converter is somewhere between Guangdong and Amsterdam. So, further testing of laptop 1.0 on battery power has to be postponed until this part arrives.

2 1/2 hours without a power outlet hasn't be a problem so far - but testing was done with a very basic AMD Sempron 145 processor.